Our Services

UPL provides an exceptional repertoire of diagnostic tests to support clinicians in the delivery of high-quality patient care. We are constantly striving to provide the latest generation of clinical diagnostics and expanding our portfolios of tests offered.

Our clinical microbiology laboratory provides a comprehensive 24/7 service which includes a full range of conventional diagnostic services for the detection, isolation and monitoring of bacterial and fungal infections, including parasites from a range of sample types.

Our state-of-the-art diagnostics include a high-performance liquid chromatography mass spectrometer and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer.
Tuberculosis culture and susceptibility testing will also be available soon. Our pathologists are always available to offer clinical advice to clinicians and participate in hospital infection control and antibiotic stewardship programs.

Currently UPL provides highly affordable and sensitive PCR testing for SARS-COV2 with rapid turnaround time from swab to result.

We have expanded our virological diagnostic testing services to include the detection and monitoring for a broad spectrum of viral illnesses utilizing serology and next generation molecular assays.

Affordable HIV testing, viral load monitoring, anti-viral drug resistance testing, ARV drug levels and STI testing are offered as part of HIV clinical management for patients. Virological testing and monitoring are also available on scale for research and clinical studies. In addition, toxicology screening is also available.

The haematology division of UPL offers cost-effective testing for the screening and diagnosis of common problems at this time including those caused by novel pathogens such as the Corona virus e.g. Thrombocytopenia and more familiar ones such as HIV.

Coagulation tests are also offered. A haematopathologist/clinical haematologist is available to advise on navigating the diagnostic route for bleeding, thrombotic, immunity and haemoglobin disorders which may be detetected clinically and in the laboratory.

UPL understands the importance of working within and recognising communities and the contributions made by community members with regards to healthcare.

As part of this sustainability process and the road towards NHI (National Health Insurance), as we have done with COVID-19 testing, we aim to build Corporate Social Responsibility by offering high quality but affordable diagnostic testing to both medically funded and non-funded patients.

We are very grateful to provide such a service to our communities and be a part of changing and saving lives.

We also started offering the following services from October 2020, which covers the following scope of testing:

• Chemistry
• Serology
• Microbiology & TB
• Molecular Biology

Some of the State-of-The-Art Products & Technological Innovations offered by UPL

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Thermofisher Quant Studio 5

State of the art testing facility, apparatus used for COVID-19 testing including WHO recommended systems Thermofisher Quant Studio PCR testing.

Cell-Dyn Emerald 22AL

The Cell-Dyn Emerald is a full performance, automated optical 5-part differential analyzer that delivers smarter results. Optimizing Haematology workflow with 50 tube load up capacity. Decreased manual entry errors.


The Panther has the capability to consolidate menu on the fully automated system, load samples in any order, eliminate batch constraints and decrease turn-around-time. Ability to run multiple test orders and load primary sample tube eliminates manual transfer of specimen.

Architect Plus ci8200

One platform with many benefits. The Architect ci8200 combines the Architect c8000 and the Architect i2000SR to provide clinical chemistry and immunoassay testing in a single integrated system. by delivering fast, high quality results the Architect ci8200 UPL to handle complex workloads and improve laboratory efficiency and turn-around-times.

Advia Centaur CP

Advia Centaur CP Immunoassay System has a broad menu and short TAT without compromising efficient, production or quality. It features the superior sensitivity and specificity you expect of Chemiluminescent with advanced Acridinium. The Centaur CP provides excellent patient care including infectious disease testing.

Aquios CL Flowcytometer

The Aquios CL Flowcytometer is a benchtop instrument capable of combining automated preparation and cellular analysis in a compact system. It has an integrated system that incorporates automated loading, sample preparation, reagent management, barcode scanning, data analysis, and full LIS connectivity.